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Innovation Forums (Choose 1 of 6)

At the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, we’re examining the people, innovations and forces that will change your business for the foreseeable future. We’ll look at the factors revolutionizing restaurant development and expansion and how operators go to market for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.  Led by the brightest and most innovative entrepreneurs in foodservice, GRLC's Innovation Forums feature global “hot topics” and powerful messages designed to spark new ideas. 

Option 1: Operations - Beating the Retail Apocalypse through Passionate Customer Loyalty
Location: Roselle Junior 4711, Sands Expo Level 4

What does it take for customers to really love your restaurant brand? This session delivers unique perspectives in building passionate customers through food and service, personalized loyalty, and shareable memorable marketing experiences. Sastry will offer candid insights based on Punchh's clients and best industry practices. What is a modern loyalty program? Why do some brands succeed where most fail? How do you create a bigger universe of known customers? How do you best leverage customer data? Why is AI and Machine Learning so critical for your loyalty program? You will leave this session with a great understanding of how to deliver best in class customer loyalty for your restaurant brand that will lead to increased sales.


Co-Founder & VP Strategy

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Option 2: Future of Food - Food Trends that Impact Food Safety
Location: Roselle Junior 4712, Sands Expo Level 4

As consumer tastes continue to evolve, restaurant and food service operations must innovate and adapt to meet the varied market demands. Contemporary consumer cravings in tandem with emerging societal dining trends are driving a more eco-friendly perspective, a greater emphasis on global flavors/cuisines, an increased focus on plant-based and veggie centric foods that are no longer just for vegetarians, the exploration of new food sourcing options such as hyper-local sourcing in which operations grow produce in their own gardens, a surge in for 3rd party delivery options, and a focus experimental dining which consumers are looking for an experience in addition to a great meal.

As food trends evolve, putting food safety at the forefront is paramount to ensure the proper interventions are in place to protect your brand and keep your guests safe. This session will explore thought-provoking ideas and strategies that will minimize food safety-related issues as food trends evolve and your business continues to innovate.


Vice President of Sales, Training and Certification
National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC

Sr. Director Global Food Safety
Marriott International

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ServSafe International
Option 3: Franchising - Leadership Insights
Location: Roselle Junior 4713, Sands Expo Level 4

Learn key lessons of good leadership and gain practical insights from top businessmen in the Restaurant industry. Our panel of speakers share their hard- hitting experiences to challenge as well as to inspire you to achieve greater results and personal growth. A new addition to the GRLC Agenda not to be missed.


World Franchise Associates

Lavoya Restaurants Group

Director, International Operations, Asia
Red Lobster Seafood Company

Executive Vice President, Purchasing & Development
COSI Restaurants

Founder/Managing Director
A and C Associates Ltd

Option 4: Technology - Elevating Team Execution in Every Store
Location: Roselle Junior 4611, Sands Expo Level 4

To gain competitive advantage and boost profits, top operators are increasingly turning to a key operational lever: team execution. Specifically, they’re investing in initiatives and technology that will give them an edge in both making store and field employees more efficient and that will raise the bar on the quality of execution across every one of their stores.

On the efficiency front, the focus is getting more productivity out of every employee by automating and digitizing as many processes as possible, freeing up people’s time to focus on higher value activity.

In parallel, operators are looking to give their team the tools and insights to identify potential issues earlier, make better decisions, surfacing where additional coaching and training is needed most.

Join this panel discussion to learn how to scale operations by elevating team execution and creating a great experience for customers, every time they walk through the door.



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Option 5: Technomic - Keys to Success in United States Market Entry
Location: Roselle Junior 4612, Sands Expo Level 4

Looking to enter or expand in the U.S.? This session will provide the necessary background and up-to-date intelligence for any restaurant concept planning to enter or expand within this competitive marketplace. The session is designed to give you, the operator, insight into the U.S. foodservice market, including the current size of the market, trends in foodservice, who the successful restaurant operators are and who to watch. Additionally, learn what issues restaurant brands face when entering the U.S. related to the marketplace, distribution and local governments. After gaining a foundational understanding, walk away with an invaluable framework for your expansion strategy toolkit. 


Vice President, Business Development

Managing Principal

Option 6: Market Intelligence - 10 Restaurant Ideas to Steal from the U.S. Market
Location: Roselle Junior 4613, Sands Expo Level 4

Good ideas come in all forms and sizes. Hear 10 intriguing (and easily duplicated) ones in this rapid-fire recount of creative approaches to common restaurant problems and opportunities. You’ll leave the session with practical suggestions that almost every operator can adapt. Attendees can also air their own problems and challenges to see what suggestions the group may have.


Editor-at-Large and Vice President of Content Innovation
Restaurant Business

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Restaurant Business Magazine
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