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Make your restaurant thrive.
NCR helps banks, stores and restaurants around the world run better—so they have more time to create customer experiences that drive lasting success. In 180 countries and for over 135 years, we’ve been focused on turning the moment of transaction into a meaningful experience. Our unique perspective brings enterprise tech to all the moving parts of business, across industries, from payments to kitchen operations to mobile banking.
The #1 global hospitality POS software provider and the company behind the NCR Aloha POS, we’ve helped 100,000+ restaurants serve up exceptional experiences around the world. See how we can help you serve your guests anytime, anywhere at NCR.com/restaurants.

NCR Corporation New Products

NCR Aloha gives you everything you need to run your restaurant in one powerful POS platform. Being flexible, extendable and with open APIs, NCR’s end-to-end solution enables you to deliver on what cus...

Delivery, mobile ordering, drive thru and self-service make kitchens busier and more complex than ever before. Getting every order right and sent out fast is the only way to compete. With NCR Kitchen ...

Today, commerce happens anytime, anywhere. Delivering the experience customers expect means you need a dedicated team behind you to make sure your devices are always on and always optimized. NCR Digit...

NCR Vitalcast digital signage offers centrally controlled marketing at your fingertips. You can centrally or locally showcase any message, be it menus, offers by daypart, nutritional information or ev...

When your back office runs more efficiently, your whole restaurant does too. Going digital is how you get it done. With NCR Restaurant Backoffice Solutions we digitize everything from inventory and pu...