Abanoub Nabil Habeb

Enactus Team Member

Sohag University

Abanoub Nabil is a fourth-year student at Faculty of Commerce, Sohag University. Abanoub joined Enactus during his first year of college, and it has changed the way he thinks and dreams. He started as a presentation team member and his team placed first in their league that year. The following year he became more involved in writing scripts and executing projects.  His involvement in Enactus has given him the passion and ability to change and do more in his community. In his third year, he became head of the team’s presentation section. It was a big responsibility and challenge, but Abanoub finds that challenges are what define us.



The fourth annual Global Restaurant Leadership Conference (GRLC), presented by Winsight, LLC, will take place Nov. 3-6, 2019, at the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel in Singapore.

The Global Restaurant Leadership Distinction Awards are awarded to those restaurant brands that excel in the global marketplace through Innovation, Industry Service, Partnership and Expansion.