Rami Abu Ghazaleh

Rami Abu Ghazaleh


Rami Abu Ghazalah, CEO and partner of ALBAIK Food Systems with more than 35 years of experience in the food and restaurant business in Saudi Arabia, is responsible with his brother Ihsan and their team for growing the family-owned quick service restaurant chain into one of the most trusted and loved brands in the Kingdom.

The ALBAIK team members are credited for leveraging best practices in management for the advancement of the local food business sector, ensuring that every step of the production, service and quality process is overseen with the highest attention to detail and efficiency to uphold the trust and confidence of the brand’s millions of customers.

Their deep belief that companies and organizations must play an active role in the communities they serve has resulted in ALBAIK becoming a catalyst for positive change in the Kingdom. In the past three decades, ALBAIK has launched more than 20 programs focusing on a wide range of topics ranging from vocational training for school children to environmental awareness and protection, and social values.

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