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The exhibition portion of GRLC is where suppliers and operators gather to close deals, uncover the latest solutions and test prototypes. A few hours within the GRLC Marketplace delivers years of quality insights, exclusive intelligence and meaningful relationships. Periodically return to this page in order to discover the new products and services that will be on display at GRLC.

BUNN-O-MATIC Booth #53


Experience Crescendo™!

The BUNN® Crescendo™ Bean-to-Cup Espresso machine is compact, stylish, intuitively easy-to-operate, and provides the experience of personally creating a favorite hot beverage. Crescendo offers up to nine espresso-based drink choices, plus hot water. After choosing a drink size, and selecting the beverage preferred, everything else happens automatically.

CrunchTime! Booth #27

CrunchTime! TeamworX

Restaurant labor management has never been easier. Right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop, managers can create schedules, approve staff requests, and communicate messages to relevant team members about shift openings or important updates. Employees can easily view their schedule, offer, pick-up and swap shifts right from their own smartphone.

DayMark Safety Systems Booth #33

Daymark 9700™ Label Terminal

The 9700 will change the way you look at food rotation labeling. Every bit as advanced as it looks, the 9700 offers a range of features that no other unit on the market can boast, including a massive 8.4” Hot Touch Full Color display and side-by-side direct thermal label printers.

Greenhouse Foodstuff Trading LLC

The Cheesecake Factory Bakery

The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® offers a brand dedicated to creating premium, indulgent cheesecakes, layer cakes and specialty items for leading restaurant operators. Every dessert creation in The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® line is made by the same creative talent involved in the incomparably successful desserts sold in The Cheesecake Factory® restaurants.

Griffith Foods

Never Fry

Griffith Foods new ‘Never Fry’ coating system is oven-prepared at home or in a food service setting, and is never fried during the production process. This innovative coating maintains the great taste and crispy texture of traditional coated products while achieving 25% less fat than the average pre-fried, oven-baked coating.

Heartland Commerce Booth #52


Xenial is a complete cloud restaurant and retail management platform that provides enterprise power in technology as easy-to-use as a smartphone. Xenial bridges the technology gap between powerful and easy consumer technology and business management needs. Forget about IT servers, hardwired networks and purchased software.

IFFCO Booth #42

Tiffany Mayonnaise Chef’s Choice

Designed to suit a Chef’s daily needs, Tiffany Mayonnaise has a perfect balance of the right ingredients, consistency, Creamy mouthfeel and Sour & Citric taste.

  • Taste that complements your food offerings perfectly
  • Consistency with your sandwiches, Dips, Salad
  • 0% artificial ingredients
  • Excellent in Mixing & Spreadability
  • Great value for money.

IFFCO Booth #42

Tastecraft Syrup Solutions

Tastecraft is the new premium brand for exquisite syrups and authentic taste. Mojito, Blue Curacao, Green Apple, Grenadine and over 30 other flavours turn each drink into a taste explosion. Flavours specially crafted for you with utmost care, to craft a taste which is naturally infused with best-in-class flavours.

IFFCO Booth #42

Pristine Cream Cake Mixes

The journey of Pristine’s continuous innovation in bakery ingredients extends with its recent introduction of Cream Cake mixes. This mix is carefully articulated to offer the finest quality in cream cakes to our customers suitable for all bakery types existing in the market. Available in two flavors; Vanilla and Chocolate.

IFFCO Booth #42

Rahma Extra Virgin Olive Oil

RAHMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the finest selection of olives from the green fields of the Mediterranean region.
RAHMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural, obtained in a single, cold mechanical extraction, where no heat or chemicals are administered to alter the oil’s natural properties.

Intellytics Booth #15

Restaurant Analytics Hub

Intellytics ‘Restaurant Analytics Hub’ is our industry-specific platform that provides a 360-degree view across all aspects the business and reflects our knowledge of the most important challenges faced by the restaurant executives. Our platform presents insights that are easy to understand, engaging, immersive and drive action.

Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Company Booth #25

Modular Holding Bin

Prince Castle’s Modular Holding individually heats bins, allowing the system to expand horizontally and vertically, distributing power and communications to set and maintain desired serving temperatures. Holding that expands with your business, controlling safe, even and consistent heating, ensuring that customers receive quality meals and that operators have menu variety.

The Middleby Corporation Booth #Middleby

The TurboChef Double Batch

The Double Batch is the first ever single oven with two rapid cook cavities. With the capacity to cook up to 40 16-inch, fresh-dough pizzas per hour with minimal countertop space requirements, the Double Batch does not require Type I or II ventilation.

PJ's Coffee Booth #61

Nitro Coffee

PJ’s Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee infused with nitrogen for a rich, smooth flavor profile and a creamy, cascading finish. The nitro foam gives a perception of sweetness without anything being added.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday Franchise Opportunity

Ruby Tuesday has been one of America’s favorite brands 40+ years and is expanding globally. Franchisees are poised for success with a Global Growth Strategy leveraging the existing presence and insights from experienced operators. Ruby Tuesday offers a leadership team dedicated to supporting and addressing the needs of each franchisee.

Stampede Meat, Inc. Booth #9

Cro-Magnon Premium Protein Bars

Curb your appetite with Stampede Meat’s fully cooked premium protein bars. Cro-Magnon caters to the bare necessities of portable, sustainable nutrition. Free of gluten, preservatives and MSG, Cro-Magnon offers USDA Choice and Grass Fed steak, ABF chicken and turkey flavors with all-natural seasoning to maximize protein intake while minimizing calories.

The Coca-Cola Company Booth #41

Coca-Cola Freestyle® 3100

Coca-Cola Freestyle® 3100 delivers up to 60 beverage choices – including low/no-calorie, sparkling & still options. It is an “all-in-one” system that includes refrigeration and carbonation on-board. The compact plug-and-play installation easily sits on existing counter tops requiring only water source and electrical power.

The Coca-Cola Company Booth #41


Barrilitos™ Aguas Frescas bring new life to traditional flavors whose heritage goes back thousands of years in Mexico. Using fruits, flowers, seeds and just the right amount of sweetness we create the ultimate refreshment. Available in Frozen Concentrate and BIB. Most flavors are under 100 calories per 12oz serving.

The Coca-Cola Company Booth #41

Refresh Server and Refresh Server+

Refresh Server and Refresh Server+ provide unparalleled operational efficiency. With multiple still beverages on ONE piece of equipment, there’s no need for multiple pieces of equipment. Refresh Server and Refresh Server+ offer 100% juices, juice drinks, enhanced waters and teas from a small above-the-counter footprint with no back room required.

The Coca-Cola Company Booth #41

DASANI® Sparkling

Make any moment sparkle with DASANI® SPARKLING! DASANI® SPARKLING is an unsweetened, naturally flavored, sparkling water beverage with no artificial flavors and zero calories. DASANI SPARKLING comes in five original flavors and six new flavors.

The Coca-Cola Company Booth #41

smartwater® sparkling

smartwater® sparkling delivers a refreshing combination of vapor distilled water, carbonation and electrolytes for a crisp, delicious taste with effervescent bubbles. It is available in the modern, iconic smartwater PET bottle and is perfect for an elevated tabletop dining experience or on-the-go.

The Coca-Cola Company Booth #41

Schwepp4es® Gold

Schweppes® Gold is Egypt’s leading flavored Malt beverage and is available in three different flavors; Pineapple, Peach, and Strawberry.

Unilever Food Solutions Booth #54

Pure Leaf: Exceptional teas

For Pure Leaf, we carefully selected exceptional leaves from partner tea estates around the world, then do as little to them as possible to let their genuine essence shine through. Our delicate tea leaves are simply picked, rolled, dried and blended. Brought to you by The Tea Company BY UFS.

Ventura Foods

Through Ventura Foods’ strategic manufacturing partnership with Oleo Fats Inc., Philippines, we manufacture Dressings, Sauces and Mayonnaise (DSM) for QSR and Foodservice channels across Asia Pacific. Our mayonnaise portfolio includes Ventura Foods Real Mayonnaise and other DSM formulations.

Our newly minted manufacturing expertise in Manila includes a full capability for cooked and cold sauces in multiple packaging formats such as plastic jars, pouches and portion cups.

WandaFi Booth #6

WandaFi software

Captive portal with built in CRM solution for any business that has a footfall of customers and dwell time. WandaFi can help businesses to centralise their customer database and enable access to free wifi for visitors across multiple venues with one time global login.

Wendy's Company

Quality Burgers since 1969

When people sort through all the ‘spin’ there is one quick-service restaurant that is ‘A Cut Above’… that’s Wendy’s… we stand for honest food… higher quality, fresh, wholesome food… prepared when you order it… prepared by Wendy’s kind of people… people that believe this is My Wendy’s.

Welbilt Booth #45

Garland Xpress Grill

Introducing the World’s best Smart dual-surface grill, offering operators the chance to save money, time and space while improving cook quality. Garland XPress grill, reduces cook times by up to 50%, and bringing improved performance, flexibility, ease of use, ease of cleaning, energy savings and reliability.

Zenput Booth #31


Zenput helps multi-unit restaurant operators deliver consistently better customer experiences at each of their locations. Currently being used at over 8,000 restaurant locations across the world, Zenput gives restaurant operators insight into what’s going on at each restaurant and the tools necessary to ensure high standards are being met.