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Unilever Food Solutions

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Unilever Food Solutions is a dedicated food service company of Unilever, the global market leader. We are chefs supporting chefs with dish solutions, trainings, inspiration and connection. We have a global presence in more than 76 countries around the world, we touch on 800 million consumers every year, we cover 50 cuisines and 100 million dishes a day. We aim to grow sustainably with our customers, deliver high quality products and services, which are created by our 4100 people and our +250 chefs.

Unilever Food Solutions New Products

Our Pure Leaf Tea Master collection; a range of organic blends, crafted with carefully selected ingredients for an extraordinary taste to deliver the perfect guest experience. 25 pyramid teabags in en...


EVP & CEO - Unilever Food Solutions Global

Global Customer Development Director - Unilever Food Solutions

Managing Director, North America