Brandon Guthrie

Founder & Principal

Black Sands Consulting

An International Businessman known for leveraging his strategic thinking, global fluency, and financial acumen to bring profitable growth to companies. Brandon is passionate about what he does, and what he does is deliver growth! 

Brandon comes from humble beginnings, growing up in a small community in rural Idaho, USA where he developed early a strong work ethic and an appreciation for a hard day's work. He loves the outdoors and the forested mountains behind his childhood home. However, he always had a desire to see what was beyond his own front door. For Brandon a quote from his favorite author JRR Tolkien rings true, "You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to". Since leaving his small home town in Idaho, Brandon has lived in multiple countries on 3 continents, learned 4 languages, and has spent nearly the last decade living in Dubai doing business all across the Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific.

During Brandon's career he has supported the International growth of multiple global cpmg and retail brands like Melaleuca, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, & La Senza. His passion however, is in the Hospitality and F&B sector, where he has spent the last decade supporting the international growth of Wendy's across South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific. Brandon held multiple positions in his time at Wendy's but most recently serving as the Regional Head of Finance for the APMEA Region.

Brandon is a Senior Member of the Dubai Hospitality Group lead by Damian Conway and comprises of the top 250 F&B leaders in the UAE encouraging discussion and co-operation with the UAE National Restaurant Association (UAERG.ae). He is also the Founder & Principal of Black Sands Consulting FZ LLC whose primary aim is to bridge the gap for companies between eastern and western cultural philosophies and business practices. 

Brandon agrees with the great Greek philosophers that "Who is blessed? He who has a healthy body, a resourceful mind, and a teachable nature". Brandon holds a Bachelors degree in Business Finance and Economics from Brigham Young University - Idaho, speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese, holds 2 Black Belts in Shito-Ryu Karate and Jujitsu and loves starting his day at his local CrossFit Box. He also looks for any chance he can to get in a game of chess, find a quiet place to read a book, or play his guitar.

Above all, the titles Brandon is most proud of is that of Husband and Father. Brandon and his wife Katie are the parents of 3 amazing children who he happily spends his free time with attending dance recitals, tea parties, soccer games, or traveling to a new part of the world on an adventure!

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