Sadiq Al-Lawati

Managing Director

Mehdi Group

I graduated from the UK in 1996, then started my career as a Banker and worked there for four years after which I joined our family Business in a Crisp Manufacturing company as a General Manager. During this tenure – which lasted for more than 10 years – I was able to grow the company and expand into multiple businesses. One of these was a state-of-the-art Juices Manufacturing Factory. Of the achievements I feel proud of, was the creation of a co-branded chips with Disney Land and extend the sale to more than 10 countries.

In 2008 I decided to venture into the Food and Beverages industry. My first achievement was a Kuwaiti franchise of a burgers Joint “b+f Road Side Diner” which was a hit in the country and a big success. I followed this by targeting a new set of customers also with a burgers franchise with same partners “Slider Station” which turned out to be an even bigger success. These were followed by opening several other branches, one in the famous AlMouj residential area owned and managed by AlFutaim Group.

Being a calculated risk taker and observing the gap in the market for fine dining, I went into a new venture and took a franchise of a high-end Persian cuisine “Shabestan”. Although I had my initial doubts and fears, these turned out to be unnecessary, as the restaurant did well and became a favorite distention for VIPs and sometimes for their guests from abroad.

Finally, my latest venture was singing up with Haagen-Dazs, a famous ice-cream brand, where I opened the first branch and immediately followed with the second.

These experiences made me the de-facto expert for franchise in Oman. I now help other entrepreneurs in guiding them how to negotiate and succeed in their franchise startups!