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Innovation Forums (Choose 1 of 6)

At the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, we’re examining the people, innovations and forces that will change your business for the foreseeable future. We’ll look at the factors revolutionizing restaurant development and expansion and how operators go to market for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.  Led by the brightest and most innovative entrepreneurs in foodservice, GRLC's Innovation Forums feature global “hot topics” and powerful messages designed to spark new ideas. 

Option 1: Operations
Presented By:
Alto-Shaam, Inc.
Option 2:  Future of Food 
Option 3: Leadership and Its Hard Truths

It either forces you to get stronger, or it slowly destroys your life – There’s no in-between. Author of ‘Your Oxygen Mask’ Kevin Lawrence and Business Coach to International CEOs and Executives has discovered seventeen habits that allow any leader to transcend the perils of success and to keep achieving.

Presented By:
World Franchise Associates
Option 4: Technology 
Option 5: Technomic - Sustainability in Motion: How Operators are Building Environmental Stewardship into Better Business

Just as consumers now expect more in terms of the food they eat, they are also beginning to take note of restaurants’ “green” practices for management of supplies, buildings and infrastructure. Major global and regional chains are making important changes and—importantly—promoting them aggressively, indicating that they have reason to believe “green” positioning resonates with their customers. Walk away from this session equipped with the forward-looking initiatives industry leaders are deploying to become more sustainable and build business off of it.


Executive Vice President

Option 6: Market Intelligence - Won't Back Down: Brands that Stand For Something

We have entered an era where brands function as more than their original intention. Restaurants, fitness clubs, and retails brands have rooted their identity and values in something deeper than their product offerings. Their unique value propositions stem from creating a company culture built on a strong mission and a definable purpose.

Join us we discuss restaurants that are becoming lifestyle brands and how these companies are leading the charge on what it means to offer more than food. Learn how you can firmly communicate your brand's mission to your guests and connect everything you do back to it. 


Founder & President
The Culinary Edge



The fourth annual Global Restaurant Leadership Conference (GRLC), presented by Winsight, LLC, will take place Nov. 3-6, 2019, at the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel in Singapore.

The Global Restaurant Leadership Distinction Awards are awarded to those restaurant brands that excel in the global marketplace through Innovation, Industry Service, Partnership and Expansion.