Three days of industry-leading insights
7:30am – 10:00am

Social Enterprise Partnership Desk

Location: Peony Ballroom Foyer, Sands Expo Level 4
Presented By:
Coca-Cola Company
7:30am – 12:00pm

Registration & Information Desk

Location: Peony Ballroom Foyer, Sands Expo Level 4
Presented By:
Coca-Cola Company
NCR Corporation
Unilever Food Solutions
9:00am – 9:45am

Innovation Forums (Choose 1 of 6)

At the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, we’re examining the people, innovations and forces that will change your business for the foreseeable future. We’ll look at the factors revolutionizing restaurant development and expansion and how operators go to market for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.  Led by the brightest and most innovative entrepreneurs in foodservice, GRLC's Innovation Forums feature global “hot topics” and powerful messages designed to spark new ideas. 

Option 1: Operations - Making the Change: Designing Foodservice Equipment to Meet Today’s Trends
Location: Roselle Junior 4711, Sands Expo Level 4

Times are changing. Customer needs are shifting. In this session, learn more about how manufacturers are adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. Through new innovations, product design updates, connected technologies and more, discover how to meet growing trends and customer needs.


Vice President of Asia-Pacific

Presented By:
Alto-Shaam, Inc.
Option 2: Future of Food - International Supply Chain From an Operator Perspective
Location: Roselle Junior 4712, Sands Expo Level 4

Global supply chain leaders representing U.S.- and internationally-based franchisors and franchisees on key challenges and solutions in managing global supply chains within the foodservice industry.


Senior Principal

Restaurant Executive; former SVP, Global Supply Chain, Inspire Brands

Director, Global Supply Chain
Brinker International

Director, International Supply Chain
Hooters of America LLC

Option 3: Franchising: Sourcing, Attracting, Assessing, Securing, and Retaining The Right Talent
Location: Roselle Junior 4713, Sands Expo Level 4

Managing Director
Brian Moore Executive Search

Option 4: Technology 
Location: Roselle Junior 4611, Sands Expo Level 4
Option 5: Technomic - Sustainability in Motion: How Operators are Building Environmental Stewardship into Better Business
Location: Roselle Junior 4612, Sands Expo Level 4

Just as consumers now expect more in terms of the food they eat, they are also beginning to take note of restaurants’ “green” practices for management of supplies, buildings and infrastructure. Major global and regional chains are making important changes and—importantly—promoting them aggressively, indicating that they have reason to believe “green” positioning resonates with their customers. Walk away from this session equipped with the forward-looking initiatives industry leaders are deploying to become more sustainable and build business off of it.


Executive Vice President, Business Development

Global Advisory Practice, Associate Principal

Presented By:
Option 6: Market Intelligence - Won't Back Down: Brands that Stand For Something
Location: Roselle Junior 4613, Sands Expo Level 4

We have entered an era where brands function as more than their original intention. Restaurants, fitness clubs, and retails brands have rooted their identity and values in something deeper than their product offerings. Their unique value propositions stem from creating a company culture built on a strong mission and a definable purpose.

Join us we discuss restaurants that are becoming lifestyle brands and how these companies are leading the charge on what it means to offer more than food. Learn how you can firmly communicate your brand's mission to your guests and connect everything you do back to it. 


CEO, Starbird / Founder & Chairman, The Culinary Edge

10:00am – 12:00pm

General Session 

Location: Roselle Simpor Ballroom, Sands Expo Level 4
Franchising and Best Practices in International Growth

Franchising is the primary model used by restaurants expanding internationally, including by companies that do not franchise domestically. The International Franchise Association is the oldest and largest franchise association in the world. Hear from global leaders about best practices in international growth, including:

-Market Analysis
-Development Strategies
-Finding Partners
-Maximizing Success and Avoiding Mistakes 


PMTD Restaurants

President, International and Chief Development Officer
The Wendy's Company

President, EMEA

Presented By:
International Franchise Association
Social Enterprise Grand Prize Drawing

Vice President, Industry Affairs | Honorary Co-chair
The Coca-Cola Company

Director - International Business Development | Honorary Co-chair

Presented By:
Coca-Cola Company
The GRLC International Power Panel

Given this extraordinary conclusion to an unprecedented gathering of global industry leaders, do not miss the final conversation at GRLC: an assembly of four of the world’s smartest, most accomplished restaurateurs, interviewed by a highly-regarded hospitality and restaurant executive. These visionary leaders will share what’s driving their respective companies’ growth as it relates to international opportunities and provide actionable insights they’ve garnered in their collective decades of leadership and foodservice success. Each highly respected panelist will provide compelling imperatives for global growth through the power of partnership in the future.


CEO, Executive Chairman of Competitive Foods Australia and Founder, Hungry Jack's

President of International
Taco Bell

Chief Executive Officer
Jollibee Foods Corporation

Founding Partner
The Passionality Group

Group Managing Director
Commonwealth Capital

Presented By:
12:00pm – 1:00pm

Closing Luncheon

Location: Peony Ballroom, Sands Expo Level 4
Top 500Global Chains