Four days of industry-leading insights
07:00 – 08:00

GRLC Walking & Running Club

We've brought the Running Club to Singapore! Get your morning workout along a route which showcases the beauty and wonder of the Singapore skyline and Bay, one that is as short or long as you desire and that will take you along the serene waterfront. Whether you're a runner or a walker, there will be plenty to see along the way.

07:30 – 09:00

Breakfast Buffet

Location: Orchid Ballroom/4201AB - 4206/4301AB - 4306, Sands Expo Level 4
07:30 – 18:45

GRLC Charity Desk

Location: Sands Expo, Peony Ballroom Foyer, Level 4 
07:30 – 18:45

Registration & Information Desk

Location: Sands Expo, Peony Ballroom Foyer, Level 4 
09:00 – 09:45

Innovation Forums (please choose 1 of 6)

At the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, we’re examining the people, innovations and forces that will change your business for the foreseeable future. We’ll look at the factors revolutionizing restaurant development and expansion and how operators go to market for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.  Led by the brightest and most innovative entrepreneurs in foodservice, GRLC's Innovation Forums feature global “hot topics” and powerful messages designed to spark new ideas. 

Option 1:  Operations - 
Option 2:  Future of Food - 
Option 3:  Franchising - 
Option 4:  Technology  - 
Option 5: Global Menu Trends: How Operators Adapt Macro Trends for Their Local Market and Customer (PRESENTATION)

Menu trends are emerging at a rapid pace and have never been more mobile across the globe. While it’s imperative that operators keep their offerings in line with current food and drink trends, it can be a challenge keeping up with the many food fads and crazes, as well as determining which trends are more lasting and how to adapt them to a specific market and segment. This session will focus on the key strategies that operators employ when adopting and adapting fast-moving menu trends for their local market. 


Senior Research Manager

Option 6:  Market Intelligence – 
10:00 – 12:00

General Session 

GRLC Distinction Awards 

The Global Restaurant Leadership Distinction Awards are awarded to those restaurant brands that excel in the global marketplace through Innovation, Industry Service, Partnership and Expansion.  The Innovation category recognizes international success by crossing boundaries, staying ahead of consumer demands and enhancing operations, and GRLC is pleased to recognize four wonderful brands.  Join us as we celebrate these international stars!  

12:00 – 13:30

Networking Lunch

GRLC is pleased to provide lunch for attendees following a fabulous morning of tours and attractions.  In addition to enjoying the unique food and beverage offerings that Marina Bay Sands has to offer, make the most of the networking opportunities available. 

13:30 – 15:30

Restaurant Product Gallery and Marketplace

This is the exhibition portion of the GRLC agenda where suppliers and operators gather to uncover the latest solutions, sample new products and even close deals. Just a few hours here can deliver guaranteed quality insights, exclusive intelligence and help you develop meaningful relationships.

15:30 – 16:15

Innovation Forums (please choose 1 of 6)

Option 1:  Operations - 
Option 2: Future of Food - 
Option 3: Franchising - 
Option 4:  Technology - 
Option 5: Adapting the Format: How Operators are Turning to New Store Models to Address Market Disrupters (PRESENTATION)

The boom of delivery, growing demand for off-premise food and drink, increased pressure from nontraditional competitors and hurried lifestyles have forced many operators to rethink how and where they set up and locate their restaurants. Today’s restaurant chains are tasked with doing more with less—servicing more dayparts, offering delivery and providing seamless ordering solutions—often with smaller kitchens and a tight labor market. This session will examine how leading operators are revamping their operations to address the modern industry landscape. 


Senior Principal

Senior Research Manager

Option 6:  Emerging/New Markets - 
16:15 – 16:45

Networking Break

16:45 – 18:15

General Session 

Turning Adversities into Opportunities, Setbacks to Comebacks

Dr. William Tan has dared more in his lifetime than most of us would dream to attempt. He's an accomplished scholar, scientist, and athlete but realized, "winning medals, trophies or prize money should not be an end to itself. It should be a means to further goodness and to help people." Since then, he has devoted himself to championing great causes worldwide. He has helped raised more than $18 million on a voluntary basis for charities locally and internationally over the last 22 years.  Ultimately, his battles and fighting spirit have have transformed him into a more compassionate physician and invigorated him to dedicate his new lease of life to doing more for humanity. His journey of resilience and reinventing oneself to scale greater heights in the face of adversity continues to inspire many individuals and corporate leaders.


Neuroscientist & Physician, World Record Holder Paralympian and Author

17:00 – 22:00

GRLC Marketplace Sponsor Teardown

18:15 – 21:00

Reception & Dinner

Location: Garden Walk 2 & 3

Join fellow leaders and friends for worldly dining and more opportunity for continuing conversations.



The Global Restaurant Leadership Distinction Awards are awarded to those restaurant brands that excel in the global marketplace through Innovation, Industry Service, Partnership and Expansion.